18-12-2011 MOP in Schiedam

Yesterday het a blast in Schiedam! Very nice pleace this Cafe van der Wal, great location too! Thanks for having us guys!



16-10-2011 MOP goes Schijndel again!

Our last gig in Schijndel was amazing, that festival contained more then 25.000 people! Yesterday we were back again! This time in a very cosy pleace that containd maby 150 people, but again it was amazing! Thanks again Schijndel!!














30-07-2011 MOP in Schiedam

Total Music! That's the name of this place, so we gave them music! We realy kicked ass! Yeahh!!










03-06-2011 Penny's twisted flavour

Last night I helped my friends out to do a second show, these guys are realy great to work with! hopefully they will find frontman soon to give this band a second chance! Good luck guys!



04-04-2011 Penny's twisted flavour

Unfortunately the singer of this quit after the recordings of there debut album, and left the band in a hurry. So this guys contact me to help them out with upcomming gig in Zoetermeer "de Boederij". So ik did :-)! Had a great time guys, and no problem helping you out next time! Take care!








01-03-2011 Block Busters and Belgium

What can i say.... :-)










01-01-2011 Fireworks!