17-12-2009 Xenobia / Stream of passion "de Kelder"

We're very sorry to say, that Xenobia canceld there show for tonight, the weather conditions are too bad ! So as a band we dicided not to play. We hope you understand our decision, and ofcourse we love to get a second chance someday, to rock your brains out!


14-12-2009 Xenobia / Cirra Niva "013"

Yesterday we rockt the house in Tiburg 013, with our friends CN we had a great time. Hopefully we do some more shows together in the future!


06-12-2009 Xenobia Artpop festival



29-11-2009 Block Busters did it again!

Yes Belgium! Oops we did it again! Showed our faces for the thirt time!, and aigain we loved it. Lets do it one more time next year!!



07-11-2009 Xenobia / Cirra Niva "Baroeg"

Had a great time last night! Especially with the bandmembers of CN :-) Tnx for the night out guys !



13-09-2009 Xenobia open air "Flakkfest" !

It's been a while I'd played on "Goeree Overflakkee" but i have to say, i enjoyed it lot! Nice location and well organized! Great job guys! Good luck next year!










13-09-2009 Xenobia P3 Purmerend

Last friday we did another support-act for "Stream of Passion", what a great building this P3 is! Great stage and I realy loved the dressingrooms and bathrooms! I realy loved to get back someday!!

Thanks P3!



05-06-2009 Xenobia's gig in "013"

Thank you Tiburg!!! We never sold so many CD's at a gig!! And your feedback was great!!! and also had a great time working with Stream of Passion and Autumn thanks guys!

I really love to come back to Tilburg someday!
























26-03-2009 Rodney's Video online!

Yes its been a while sinds the recording of this song, but its we couldnt resist to give it some more input than that! So we made a video and today we add it to the websites. Hope you enjoy it! And leave a comment if you like!

Have fun!



23-03-2009 Blockbusters hits Belgium again!!

This weekend we played in Belgium again!, This time at a privet party for a Jaguar car-club! BORING ??? HELL NO! Great people! And they realy like to dance! I realy enjoyed it :-). And the view was amazing, (lots of nice cars on the parking place! nice toys for boys!) And ofcourse, just like last time, the employés of "D'A statie" did a very nice jop and served us and the carclub wonderful.

Thanks alot you guy's!






01-01-2009 Happy newyear !!

Another year past! We wish everone the best for this year with much love and happyness. This year we'll try to keep you updated trough this "news page" as much as possible. For now it's nice to let you know, that the members of Xenobia are busy writting new material for the new up-comming album!

So keep updated!