Rodney Blaze,


Was born and raised in Rotterdam, from early age his passion for animals and music was obvious (picture). When he was six years of age he moved with is family to the countryside (picture). Where he completed primary and high-school education. When rodney was seventeen, he joined the army.Served for two years in different departments and completed his military service (picture). After that he was eager to go back to his great passion, music and singing.

In primary school he studied music for a little while, playing trumpet, flute and drums but he favoured the guitar that he plays until today.

Entertaining in Rodney's life is a familiar concept. His mam (Lydia Tzigane) is a professional dancer in the United Arab Emirates. She's as well a teacher in the same field, and she gives workshops and lectures all over the world (picture). His dad (Beau Frazier) had a very successful carrier as a singer, musician for twenty-five years. So it's understandable that young Rodney admired his father, when he was performing and winning the crowd wherever he went (picture).

After spending hours and hours practising and listening to other guitarists, he disited to audition as a guitarist for a local band. While Playing with this band he got the opportunity to sing and realised, that this was what he wanted to do.

He was inspired by singers like: Sabastian Bach (Skid Row), Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Bon Jovi, even Elvis Presley and Alice Cooper. With Alice, Rodney has other things in common .. the love for reptiles (picture).

Trough the years Rodney performed in different bands that he enjoyed a lot, and gave him the opportunity to share the stage with lots of other well known national and international artists (list). That led as well to the recording of different CD's.


Rodney's motto: "Music?.....what else??? "