17-11-2008 !! Out now !! Ayreon's Timeline !

Yep, here it is! Today in the stores, all over Europe!



 Including Rodney's version of "the Accusation"

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Release dates:   

  7 November 2008, Germany - Austria - Switzerland
17 November 2008, Europe
13 January 2009, North America





10-11-2008 Xenobia goes unpluged!


Mission Complete! First time ever, yesterday Xenobia played there songs unpluged, and really had e great time doiing it! Thank you "Mindview Metal Meeting" for making this possible! And maybe till next time?!



09-11-2008 Packstock Festival!

We really had a great time yesterday! Even for the thirt time in a row,(in "de Boederij") the crowd was again amazing!

We're looking forward to our next gig in "de Boederij" witch will be early next year on the "Artpop" festival.

Hopefully we'll see ya all later!






18-10-2008 Cafe "the Finger"?

What can we say about this? well yes, its what you think. The name stands for its meaning, but besides that we had a really loud experience! And a real Rocking gig, still deaf dough.... but satisfied!



28-09-2008 Dormbiella

Last night Xenobia played in a very cosey place called "Dormibella". Alldough the dressing room was a lot bigger than the stage we stoot on, we had a wonderfull time! Tnx alot guys! for a lovely, cosey and serious rocking night.



20-9-2008 First-ever Ayreon compilation album:                       




Including Rodney's version of "the Accusation" .

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Release dates:   

 7 November 2008, Germany - Austria - Switzerland
17 November 2008, Europe
13 January 2009, North America





26-08-2008 Blockbusters open air

This weekend we played in Belgium, what a lovely people! They really had a lot of work done to make this show one of the best, they even prepard a BBQ! And ofcourse lots of drinks :-). We had a great gig and looking forward to visit Belguim again someday.

Anytime people!




18-07-2008 Survival

Last night the Blockbusters spent their night, as a real survival team, in very cold, wet tents! After a boottrip and a gig with lots of visitors who spent their vacation on this beautiful island (named Vlieland). They went to a smal afterparty by candlelight in tents. Very cosey I can say, this time no hotel rooms with shinny bathrooms or warm comfort beds! Nope, just settle down on the floor with sleepingbags!!! But i really have to say, if you ever find the time.. take the boot to Vlieland en visit this beautiful island is worth it!


Vlieland, tanks for this experience !!



30-06-2008 Xenobia supports WNF!

June 28 Xenobia kicked off "the Arctic Rock festival" at Zoetermeer, main issue for this festival: "global warming".

Let us save the Northpole!Great way to get attention for this serious problem! keep up the good work Hier Zoetermeer!

Great job!!!












01-06-2008 Xenobia CD presentation

Last night we really had a blast! Sold lots of CD's, did a perfect show! and get lots of very nice and sweet compliments! And the crowd was amazing!! Even been broadcasted over the internet "COOL!".

We're proud and thankful, we had the chance to play at Musicon to do our official kick-off release party.

Thank you Musicon!













10-05-2008 Gig in Gouda

Yesterday did our gig in Gouda, we supported "Kingfisher Sky"! Very nice band by the way!, unfortunally for us, the weather so great that most people stay home in there gardens or maybe on the beach! :-).Lucky for us a few people finally showed up, and give us a great time !!! Thank you for that guys!! Hope you had a nice time too, and we hope to see you on our next gig!!!



08-04-2008 Rodney hits the road!

Yes!!! Finally there are some gigs on the agenda, the Blockbusters and Xenobia are coming your way! And hope to see you soon at a venue near you. See ya!! More gigs coming soon, so keep checking this site!



08-02-2008 EP-cd released

The E.P. " Burn it away" finally finished!!!
After roughly two years of blood, sweat and tears, Rodney's band "XENOBIA" is very happy to announce the release of there first real E.P. cd!

Also keep updated! EP release party is on his way! So stay tuned for data on this - or on the Xenobia page. See ya there!!!












01-01-2008 Happy new year!!

Another year past! We wish everone the best for this year with much love and happyness. This year we'll try to keep you updated trough this "news page" as much as possible. For now it's nice to let you know, that all Artwork and recordings for Rodney's band "Xenobia"are done!


So, in a view weeks the EP-cd will be avalible for you!